On Kickstarter: Neucarl Sept Mai is Urbane, Modern & Bespoke

Modernism is highly overrated in our book. Think Le Corbusier’s blockhouses with flat roofs for rainy Europe, or Jackson Pollocks load of old bollocks masquerading as art. But watches like the Movado Museum, with its beautiful simplicity, or the utilitarian Junghans Max Bill of the mid-50s demonstrate that sometimes the modernist approach can really stand out. It’s where function meets timeless style.

So a tip of the hat to Neucarl who are trying to capture that Bauhaus elegance with the Sept-Mai model. Featuring a Sellita movement, this mechanical watch has a steel case, with a uniquely appealing dished dial, it looks countersunk, like a 1930s Lido in London town. The dial has a circle of cut-outs, as if light is being recessed into the watch, which is kinda like an old juke-box. They have spent a great deal of time thinking about the design.

It’s a super slim case too, just 8.3mm high and at 41mm wide it’s just right for the modern market. Each model is one of 99 numbered pieces by the way. There’s a choice of eight leather straps, plus dial colours including red, turquoise, blue and white, with each colour and design twist being named after a city, Rome, Paris, Reykjavik, NYC etc. It’s a project that has taken about four years to materialise and available for summer 2021 delivery right now, prices start at around £375 plus VAT and import duty from France.

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