Kickstarter Watches: Valhalla Oks

Valhalla watches have been going a few years in Norway, making sunglasses and watches.

The latest Oks model capitalises on that whole Vikings TV show vibe complete with axe marks on the steel case, and a range of dials that feature Nordic runes, plus an axe shaped second hand. Blue, red, black and white are the dial colours, with a plain blue option also listed. Featuring a Seiko NH35 movement these automatics will be reliable and you get a leather plus steel bracelet as part of the early bird offer. We like that chainmail type bracelet too.

The tiny studs on the bezel are inspired by Viking battle shields and there’s a little R at the 5pm position – cool detailing there. All in all, this is a well thought out themed watch, truly different. There’s a healthy application of lume on the markers and hands too so this will stand out at night. It’s making us want to drink beer in a long house and start throwing axes around frankly, but we are easily influenced by non-PC history.

Delivery is expected in July 2021 and the price starts at just £240 plus UK import duties and VAT.

Verdict; Great value Seiko auto with a Nordic twist.


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