Namoki Submariner Mod Is a Cool Twist on The Seiko SKX

We are big Seiko fans here so discovering this Seiko Mod homage to the mighty Submariner kinda made our day. Here’s the word from Namoki;

A Seiko SKX Submariner mod is a great way to tap into the style of a Submariner without having to deal with exorbitant Rolex prices, or their years-long waitlist just for the opportunity to purchase the watch. Furthermore, there’s a serious lack of aftermarket parts. Nobody’s modifying a $10,000 Rolex (I think…). Building your own custom SKX007 Submariner-style mod opens up the door to loads of options, as we supply a wide range of Seiko mod parts for such a build. With our NMK909 Submariner style case and mod parts, you can create a SKX007 Submariner mod that is true to your own vision, at a fraction of the price of a Rolex Submariner. In addition, you can forget about sky-high prices for service, as our Seiko Submariner case uses rock solid Seiko movements (like the NH36 movements that we sell – these guys don’t stop working!).

Making a SKX Submariner mod Your Own Way

Let’s face it – a SKX007 Submariner mod could be one of the most attractive Seiko mod ideas out there. Unlike many SKX mods, a SKX007 Submariner mod starts with a new case that uses standard SKX parts. You can use the old case for another project, or just buy all the parts you need without starting with a donor SKX. If you need to know all the parts you need to build a full watch from scratch, this checklist may come in handy.

We feature both steel and polished PVD Seiko submariner cases that make a great starting point for any skx submariner mod. Our NMK909 case takes Seiko OEM and aftermarket skx parts, so you don’t have to compromise your vision due to a lack of parts options. The classic Submariner look is easy to achieve, and we can set you up with the correct Mercedes handset, and Submariner style stainless steel bezel – but you aren’t limited to this style in the slightest.

By the way Namoki have modded Seiko models on their website from £277, (pictured) which is pretty fair value we reckon when you consider how much a battered Seiko dive model can go for on eBay. Just saying.


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