TAG Partners With Porsche on Ltd Edition Carrera Model

Well it’s taken about 50 years or so, but Porsche and TAG Heuer – or Heuer as it was – are finally official partners on limited edition watches, and of course it is the Carrera model. What else could it be?

See the TAG Heuer Porsche Carrera launch video here;


In the press video today, TAG explained that this is just the start of a partnership arrangement, so expect more models. How about an Autavia Le Mans, or perhaps a Gulf Porsche Monaco? We’re just bandying ideas around, we have no inside track at TAG!

Standard blue dial Carrera is one of our fave models in the TAG range. Just saying.

The launch Carrera in black features a striking Tarmac style dial plate, with that rippled blackness motorsport fans know only too well from watching at Silverstone, Assen or many other circuits. It also a red Porsche script etched into the bezel to set it apart from the sister Carerra Chronograph range. On the dial you will immediately notice the bold Porsche dashboard style minute numbers, which seem to lift slightly from the asphalt style dial plate.

Yep, no hour markers, just minutes. We like that.

Inside the 44mm case you’ll find a TAG Cal.02 movement, with no upgrades or tweaks from the sister Carrera model. But an 80 hour power reserve is class-leading at this price point. Sapphire crystal of course, plus a choice of leather strap model at £4865, or steel bracelet at bang on 5K.

Verdict; A future classic without doubt even if five grand for a TAG does seem a bit tasty. More here. 

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