Panzera Aquamarine 38mm is a Sporty Winner on Price

Australian brand Panzera have been producing some great lookers recently and the Aquamarine quartz range, powered by Miyota movements, and featuring a range of straps and bracelets, they offer a sporty look, with that Assembled-in-Australia kudos that puts them a cut above many Chinese/HK/Singapore branded fashion watches. They feature a 200m depth rating as well, which is impressive at this price point.

With a 316 grade stainless steel case, plus screwdown crown, sapphire crystal and numbered editions these are well made watches, with the added bonus of costing £179-£192 ex VAT. There’s no delivery charges so in theory, this should just have UK import duty of about £35 on top, plus the 20% VAT on the total. Say £270-£300 to pay? We can’t work it out from the government’s rubbish website either, a simple duty/VAT calculator is long overdue.

The Aquamarine 38mm Caspain comes with a blue or black dial and we love the blue best, really deep ultramarine. The date windo detail is a nice touch too. More info at the Panzera website. 



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