Can The Skagen Hybrid Be All You Can Be?

The old Army advert used to read, Be All You Can Be and modern fitness gurus are are all over the internet encouraging people to stay fit – especially as Covid lockdowns can really get you down mentally, as well as physically. So can the Skagen Jorn hybrid watch offer the right blend of health features, and convntional timekeeping?

Yes, probably. It looks the part, with moody black case and strap, so very milspec. Then there’s the chrono function buttons, which actually change the smartwatch functions. You can count steps, check heart rate, track your sleep pattern and set notifications too. It syncs via Bluetooth and has GPS, plus accelerometer, for those cycle rides or long distance hikes. You can set workout routes and then set PBs once we are allowed out properly. All good.

Syncs to Android or iPhones too, so you can link notifications and data sharing.

You can change the straps, plus it mild water resistance at 30m, not bad for the occasional dip in a hotel pool although we wouldn’t go wild swimming with Bear Grylls with this Skagen. Actually, wouldn’t dare try to keep up with Bear anywhere, except on a Ducati track day.

This 42mm watch costs £189 on the Skagen website and it needs charinging about once a fortnight, depending on use. Charging time is around 60-80 mins.

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