Zelos Swordfish SF40 Is Swimming Back At Ya!

We know from our WordPress stats that you love Zelos watches and who can blame you? Great value dive watches, superb looks too. Plus they seem to hold their value well as regards resale online, which is handy.

Here’s the latest info from Zelos into our Inbox;

The SF40 was one of our hottest launches of 2020 and its back with the same great design and amazing value. This batch of Swordfish 40s feature all new dials including unique materials such as a dark blue Mother of Pearl dial and blue Meteorite. Stock is limited for this batch so do act quick! The Teal dial model at $269 is a fave of ours, although don’t forget to add on UK customs duty and VAT to the price – which could be another £100 or so, we cannot get a clear answer on any UK Gov website.

I’m also proud to launch 2 limited editions of the SF40. A full Tantalum case and bezel is rarely used in watches due to its difficulty and cost to machine, but its hefty feel and unique blueish grey hue sets it apart from any other material.

Zelos SF40 in Tantalum looks understated, with classic lines.

The ‘Space Coral’ carbon fiber dial features copper additives to form a unique wood grain pattern.
For lovers of bronze, we will be launching a bronze SF40 in 1-2 weeks time so do stay tuned!

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