Hoffman Octane Racing 40 – Pre-Order Discounts Available

Just $184 buys you a Hoffman Racing 40, Octane edition, with its striking yellow panda dial. Pure motorsport joy for the petrolhead watch collector, it features a 40mm stainless steel case, housing a Seiko V64 Meca-quartz movement. Tried and trusted engine, no worries over durability and excellent timekeeping there. You get a sapphire crystal as well, which is a detail that is often lacking on watches like Hugo Boss, Armani, Kors etc. You can splash out an extra £120 or so an get a Tissot Chrono XL quartz, which gives you that Swiss kudos and a sapphire glass, but there isn’t a yellow dial model.

But tbh, we still like the Hoffmann Octane better. Why? Well it’s an Indie brand trying to define its own style, we love motorsport chronographs and this one has a bold edge that is lacking in many mainstream £150 quartz chronographs. You can find out more here. 

Nope, we ain’t commission either.

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