Maison Heron Sturgeon Dive Model Is a Kickstarter Bargain

You want a dive watch that can handle 500m? Check.

Then you want something that matches Rolex in the ceramic bezel department? Check again.

Finally, you would like a Swiss made Ronda automatic movement plus a helium escape valve.

Well the Maison Heron Sturgeon ticks all those essential dive watch boxes and it also looks the business. Superlume abounds, the 44mm 316 steel case gives this a tool watch functionality in the water, plus a solid presence on the wrist on dry land too. It has classic lines, kinda similar to a Submariner, and that’s no bad thing because a classic elegant dial and bezel design just works. It does what it says on the tin.

The Kickstarter journey began last year fior the Sturgeon and although the name conjures up images of a rather chippy little politician who enjoys controlling the lives of others, it is nevertheless a fantastic watch for the money. The Mainson Heron brand is based in Canada, although the watches are actually manufactured in Switzerland, so the CA$950 price for early bird buyers translates to just £545 or so. Wow, a 500m dive watch with a helium valve for one third of the cost of an Oris Aquis, that’s quite a deal.

Dial options on the Sturgeon are green, black or deep blue.

Find out more at Maison Heron’s Sturgeon watch Kick pages, and no, we aren’t on commission!

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