Kingsbury Diplomat Is Good Old 70s Value

Those collectors who like vintage Omega watches from the 70s will recognise this type of design immediately, The square shaped, cushion type case was a standard look for many de Ville watches back in the day. Still looks good today and with a fume coloured dial, Canada based Kingsbury are offering a sharp dress watch, for not a lot of money.

With a 40mm case diameter, the Diplomat is the right size. It’s also slim, at just 11mm high, so it will slide beneath a shirt sleeve if required. A sapphire crystal and superlume hands and hour markers on the dial are nice touches. Equally, the steel bracelet with K logo clasp, plus a free leather strap and tool to tease the pins out of the lugs, is another bonus.

Inside there’s a Seiko Epson YN55A automatic movement, so you are getting a reliable engine, which many keen Japanese watch fans will recognise from older Orient watches. The caseback is solid so you don’t see that Orient movement, but that’s OK, it isn’t that handsome imho.

All told, it’s a very nicely equipped dress watch for $180 on the early bird offer price. Many Kickstarter quartz models cost more and lack sapphire crystals too, so we reckon this is decent value.

More at Kingsbury Watches site here.

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