NOMOS Tetra Symphony Hits a Few Duff Notes

The latest from NOMOS is called the Tetra Symphony series and we have mixed feelings.

Tetra Divine Spark is one of a quartet of mechanical timepieces for women—together, an ensemble known as the Symphony series. With these watches NOMOS Glashütte is celebrating the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

This NOMOS model comes in four dial colours. The sandstone one is very easy on the eye, there’s a black dial for evening wear and  a pastel blue, plus a washed out grey.

None of them really shout glamour, but maybe that’s a good thing if you are wandering the streets of Europe and America’s divided cities. This isn’t a watch that anyone will mug you for, despite its £1300 retail price – who would buy it on the stolen market for more than a hundred quid? Instead it offers tool watch, mechanical precision in a square case, made from steel. Hard times demand hard watches? Perhaps, but we are willing to bet 500 quid that buying this watch for the lady in your life will not go down well. Unless she chose it of course.

Our advice to NOMOS is that if you want to celebrate Beethoven offer a vibrant, brightly coloured model that captures the Pastoral symphony, or a gold model called `Joy.’ Take a leaf from Olivia Burton or Coeur de Lion’s colour palette and shout out that joy from the rooftops in big, bright, primary colours. in fact get a partnership deal to produce branded Coeur de Lion Geo watches asap because that will pay off big time. Mechanical/auto movements, special editions, geometric designs with exclusive bracelets to match the cases. Get on it right now for next Christmas.

This Beethoven range is too German and although dour colours and minimalist steel touches may sell kitchen appliances, watches are supposed to be more akin to jewellery than worktops and fridges, aren’t they?


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