Bremont’s Hawking Range Marks The Best of British Science

Bremont are releasing a range of watches that celebrate the life and work of Professor Stephen Hawking, arguably the most significant theoretical physicist since Einstein. The British watch brand has various colour options available; rose gold case, brown dial, cobalt blue, white gold and a neat stainless steel version which is uncluttered and very tool watch in terms of tone. Prices start at just under £8000 and each watch purchase makes a donation to the Hawking charity foundation, which helps those affected by Motor Neurone disease.

Each watch is unique in that it contains a piece of the desk that Hawking used to formulate some of his earliest theories regarding space and time. Just 88 gold and blue dial models will be produced, marking the year 1988 which is when Hawking published A Brief History of Time. There’s a retrograde seconds hand on the lower section of the dial, plus the Hawking name. Naturally there is an in-house Bremont movement inside the case.

The rose gold model is stunning to look at, but a price tag of £18,000 may well deter many collectors. Hard to justify a 10K premium over the standard model.

Wonderful way to remember a true genius, who changed everyone’s thinking about time, but also showed us what can be achieved in spite of life’s cruel twists of fate.

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