Best of The Goldsmiths Summer Watch Sale

We cannot resist a watch sale here, and Goldsmiths still have a summer sale on – not bad considering it’s pretty much winter out there. Some of the watches are just fashion models, but there are useful discounts of prestige brands too. So what do we think are the real bargains there?

Let’s start with a Seiko Prospex Street solar model for £260, rather than the £370 list price. The Tuna style case gives it a retro feel and it’s a genuine dive watch, with 200m of resistance, plus that accordion style strap. A Tissot automatic, with the day window at the top of the dial is an elegant everyday Swiss watch, and at £290 it’s priced at Hugo Boss levels. Plus this has the ETA2836 movement inside, which is a proven, reliable unit.

The Omega Railmaster is a Marmite watch for some, as it features the denim blue dial. Some might think that devalues the Omega a little bit, although we love it. So different from the usual Seamaster blue dials. A 40mm case size is just the right compromise and the co-axial movement inside is a longlife engine, which will last you a lifetime – cheers Mr Daniels. At £2920, instead of £4170 list, this is a true bargain.

What else? An Oris Diver Sixty-Five at £1320 is decent value, or how about a Rado Captain Cook at £1350? The list on that Rado is two grand by the way.

Not everything is a bargain in our humble opinion. A Breitling Bentley at £7600 is still a waste of money, even with £2500 discount, when you look at the pitiful PX prices being offered for pre-owned Bentley models at watch shops and online portals. You can buy a mint used Bentley for about 4K, and many dealers find them slow sellers, which means that you’ll get offered about £2500, depending on whether you’re trading in or just looking for a cash sale.

The old maxim holds true, if you’re buying a watch for investment then Rolex, Patek or AP Royal Oaks are your winners. The rest are usually also rans. Buy because you love it and want to wear it. Oh and buy when there’s a sale on.

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