Yema Revive 1970s LED Digital Watches

Yema are on a roll right now, with new bronze models and the Heritage chronographs, which capture the feel of the 70s era motorsport world. In the same vein, the latest LED watches hark back to those hady days when the first computerised digital watches appeared on Tomorrow’s World and other TV shows. Like the old school LED watches, the modern Yema needs a push of a button to illuminate the display. Saves the battery.

They also have that brushed steel, super sleek `Spaceman’ kinda case styling, so beloved of Sci-Fi fans back then watching Blake’s Seven or other far fetched malarkey. There’s a screwdown caseback, and Yema say that the watches are waterproof to around 33o feet, which is something you should never attempt with a vintage Casio. It’s a 37mm case size, so it’s in keeping with the retro feel.

At £279 these are expensive LED watches – you can pick up a true colectors item from those days, still working, for that money. But if you want the enjoyment of a digital watch, with a guarantee, then you have Yema, Casio or several Chinese brands to consider.

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