Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire: Deep Blue Magic

There are some who love UK brand Christopher Ward and others who regard their Sellita powered watches as essentially entry level and therefore not quite prestige.  Maybe a Tissot has more heritage, and even a Hamilton Ventura has cool vibes? Well, you can argue those points down the pub – actually you probably can’t as the pubs are closing down like 20th century blacksmiths, but that’s another story.

The C60 Sapphire is a starter watch, no question. But what good value it offers. Beautiful blue tinted caseback lets you see the 26 jewel movement and the crystal has a blue tinge as well. Inside, the SW200 engine is based on an ETA 2824 which is arguably one of the great workhorse Swiss movements of modern times. Reliable and accurate? Of course.

True, you’re buying a £900 watch, not a 9K Swiss watch from a House of Horology.  For that bargain price you would not expect a depth rating of 600m but you do get that with the C60. Impressive. It’s a 40mm, 316 grade stainless steel case, with a uni-directional click bezel too. This is a watch that can handle an afternoon lolling about in the pool on holiday, or a scuba dive off the coast of Portugal into deep water – no worries.

Add in features like a quick change strap/bracelet release and you’re being snobby if you don’t consider this as a genuinely decent watch for the money.  OK, you may lose say 50% of the value if you choose to sell after 3 years or so, but there are some brands and watches where you could easily lose a bigger percentage.

If watch collecting isn’t about investment, but rather enjoyment, then we reckon the C60 Sapphire is one model that you’ll keep wearing just because you love the deep blue looks. That’s no bad thing, life is for living.

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