Tie-Dye Watch Anyone? Skagen Ombre Is Pure Retro

Skagen are known for their clean, Scandi minimalist lines, but these latest models capture the free love 70s spirit perfectly.  Back then, hippies would wear tie-dyed clothing, so that their denims and cheesecloth shirts were truly unique.

The same can be said of the Skagen trio here and it captures some of the vibrant, no-holding-back vibe that Swatch models had when they were launched and saved the Swiss industry from financial meltdown. Fact check it by all means, it’s true. Not our style, but to be fair Skagen aren’t aiming these watches at middle aged men with a penchant for old school Tissot Seastars.

Quartz movement of course, and we expect that the caseback will be the usual struggle to remove for a battery change. We like the silicone strap and 36mm case size is ideal for many ladies, who actually like a watch big enough to tell the time. Yeah, basics matter. They retail at £109 and we like the blue one best.

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