Ball Engineer II Timetrekker Is a Bright Delight

We have a lot of time for Ball watches here at The Northern Watch Co magazine, as they offer great build quality for the price, plus those superlume gas tubes. This luminous touch makes them useful tool watches. Or just stand out at night like a Jean Michel-Jarre concert.

This is what Ball are telling us; The new Engineer II Timetrekker is a professional tool for mavericks, challengers and outliers. Those who take risks because it makes an impact. Break boundaries with the ingenuity patented quick-set push buttons and a day-night indicator. Endure frozen terrain with the strength of 904L steel and defy darkness with the unstoppable glow of micro gas tubes. In the face of challenge, charge forward with toughness engineered to outlast.

Powered by our COSC dual time movement module built in house, the certified chronometer reveals the time in two zones. The secondary hour hand in blue indicates local time, operated by simply pressing the quick-set buttons. The button at 8 o’clock moves the hand backwards while the 10 o’clock button moves it forward. With an intelligent lock system, the buttons are protected against unintentional adjustment.

When only one time zone reading is preferred, the blue hour hand can be positioned underneath the main hour hand. To further aid travellers, the window at 6 o’clock serves as a day-night indicator: White for daytime, blue for night.

Limited to 1,000 pieces each. The Engineer II Timetrekker series is now available at Ball watches, for pre-order until 28 October 2020 

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