Citroen Ice Watch is One For Fanbois

Love your Citroen? Get the watch, T-shirt and a miniature model too. Citroen UK has sent us info on their official car themed watch. There y’go;

This September, Citroën Lifestyle is showcasing some of its newest items available to buy online. Whether customers are in search of some unique gift ideas or loyal fans, looking to add to their collection, the e-boutique has something for everyone.

Ami – Citroën’s 100% electric urban mobility object, has just passed the 1,700 customer orders mark in France. For enthusiasts or owners of Ami, the model is now available as a miniature, on a scale of 1/43. 37 €

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To avoid missing an appointment, the Oui Are French Ice Watch is a must-have accessory, says Citroen. This collaboration between Ice Watch and Citroën Lifestyle, offers French colours and features a basic quartz movement inside.

The Ice watch retails at 70 euros, which is frankly ridiculous for a watch brand that can be bought at car boot sales for a tenner. But you do get that authentic Citroen design, so er…

yeah, we aren’t really selling you the dream here, are we?

Link to the product page:

This Citroën Origins hoodie boasts the original CITROËN logo stamped on the chest. Its fleece lining will warm up those who feel the cold and its softness provides maximum comfort. Five men’s sizes available from S to XXL. 45 €

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Now this one we like, as it has that vintage flair, plus a great logo. All coffee lovers know the 50s style Citroen vans, as they ply their trade from Shoreditch to Wilmslow. Nothing says `I can afford a £7 Colombian mocha with a salted caramel twizzle stick in the froth’ like this sweatshirt.

Fans of the Type H, the legendary commercial vehicle from Citroen’s history, can now show off their passion for the model with this men’s hoodie, fitted with a fleece lining. Its attractive orange colour is a plus point for us.

Five men’s sizes available from S to XXL. 45 €

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