Are The Timex Snoopy 70th Anniversary Watches Worth Collecting?

Timex has launched a range of watches to mark the 70th anniversary of the Snoopy character appearing in Peanuts. Timex has a long history in producing comic related character watches of course, but these are quite expensive and so definitely aimed at adults.

The cost is £179 for the Pepsi design blue and red model, with rotating bezel and 50m of depth resistance. It also has Snoopy character on the dial and a quick release battery compartment on the back of the stainless steel, 38mm case. However, it doesn’t have a sapphire crystal, just an acrylic and even though the bracelet is steel as well, we just don’t think this is a good value collectors watch. Sorry Timex.

There are other Snoopy watches in the range, starting at £95. Then, there’s the Marlin automatic at £249, with a see-thru caseback and unique Peanuts script on the back of the case as well. You could argue that the Marlin is likely to hold its RRP value best in the long run. You would be right, but probably still lose about £150 over 5 years.

Don’t forget to keep the Snoopy related box and paperwork too, if you want that £100 back in 2025.

Again, an acrylic crystal isn’t good on a watch costing around £250. Hiding the movement from view using a slogan isn’t that satisfying to look at either.

There are lots of Indie brands offering sapphire crystal dive watches, with 300m depth ratings at this price. There is certainly plenty of choice on Kickstarter. Many brands like Kraken, Zelos and others offer cheap ownership as you can get about 50-70% back in resale value, depending on how fashionable your dial colour, bronze case etc is at the time. Just saying.

More info here.

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