Fancy a Watch Made From Rocket Boosters?

Werenbach, a small watch studio located in Zurich, Switzerland, claims to be the maker of the world’s first ‘rocket watch’. Since devising the idea more than eight years ago, they travelled to the steppes of Kazakhstan to gather burned out material from space rockets. Now they’re using that alloy to craft timepieces.  More information on Werenbach can be found here.

The Sellita SW200 powered Soyuz model will sell at £460 on the early bird offer. Or you can buy a Soyuz Superlative model, powered by a Soprod Newton movement, for £826. One unusual feature is the aluminium cases on the watches, rather than steel – you can get models with stainless steel bracelets though. There’s a date window, sapphire crystal, protected winding crown design and a see-thru, open heart caseback on some models as well.

The company are crowdfunding the watches on Kickstarter – more info below:

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