Crowdfund Your Watch? Sure, But Crowd-Vote The Design Too

MHD Watches had a novel idea earlier this year, in that they asked their fanbase to help design their next watch project. Now the usual set-up is that a microbrand designs a watch, launches the prototype on Kickstarter and then crowdfunds production. Great.

But this early stage involvement by MHD is going to get people emotionally invested in the finished watch and that can only be good for sales. If you helped design it, then you’ll want to own it – imagine if Rolex let customers do that?

MHD had three era-themed watches; 30s, 50s and 70s. Given that MHD has a motorsport feel to their existing range, the 30s watch which proved the winner, also has those features. There’s a knurled edge to the winding crown, rather than like the footpeg on a sportbike, plus a case side view that’s very similar to a grille.

The auto movement power reserve gets a needle gauge too, like a fuel indicator on a classic car. The dial is flat, clean as a the Smiths clocks on a 30s car. It’s a simple design that should have wide appeal once it’s in production. Price is likely to be about £750. More here at MHD Watches. 


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