Zenith Defy Goes Moody Monochrome

We have a soft spot for the Zenith brand at The Northern Watch Co magazine, mainly based on the reputation of the original El Primero and some of its subsequent incarnations. Even the TV dial model from the 70s is still a winner in our eyes, plus we love the revival models last year marking the 50th anniversary.

But modern Zenith watches are now part of the mighy LVMH – Louis Vuitton – empire and sometimes, they have a fashion-conscious element that isn’t too thrilling for us. In the end, Swiss watches are primarily about the intricate movement tech, as well as looks.

Now the Defy model is famous for skeleton dials, nothing wrong with that. But this latest variation reminds us of whitewall tyres on an American car from the 50s. Decoration basically. Then there’s the white strap, which is a bit too Hi-Tec trainers, sorry.

Here’s the press blurb from Zenith – see what you think.

Latest Black and White DEFY Special Editions

Black & white is far more than just a choice of tones. It’s an entire design language that echoes urban landscapes and edgy art and fashion movements – says Zenith. While the DEFY 21 and DEFY Classic have gone through numerous iterations over the years, these exclusive Black & White editions take a different approach.

Featuring a matte black ceramic case in 44mm for the DEFY 21 and 41mm for the DEFY Classic, the muted finish enhances the sleek lines of the faceted case. The two emblematic DEFY pieces are paired with white ceramic bezels for a sharp contrast, giving way to the three dimensional dials of both models.

On the DEFY 21, a white 1/100th of a second scale and 30-minute chronograph counter appear to seemingly float above the black finished movement. On the DEFY Classic, the open dial with a central star motif is given a similar treatment in this exclusive edition, with a white ring and a black symmetrical open dial.

As a finishing touch, a black and white cordura-effect rubber strap completes the theme. For a more understated look, both editions of the DEFY Black & White also come with a second strap in textured black rubber.

The DEFY 21 Black & White and DEFY Classic Black & White were made available exclusively at Zenith Boutiques and e-shops, from August 31st 2020 onwards.


With innovation as its guiding star, Zenith features exceptional in-house developed and manufactured movements in all its watches.

From the first automatic chronograph, the El Primero, to the fastest chronograph with a 1/100th of a second precision, the El Primero 21, as well as the Inventor model, Zenith is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in watchmaking. Zenith has been shaping the future of Swiss watchmaking since 1865, accompanying those who dare to challenge themselves and break barriers.

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