125th Anniversary Models From Rotary Have the Retro Touch

Some new retro styled automatics from Rotary, marking their 125th anniversary this year. Now let’s be clear Rotary is no longer a Swiss company, but if you fancy an automatic watch, with sapphire crystal and some nice vintage style then you cannot really go wrong for £249.

These are limited to 300 examples in each style by the way.

There’s a lume green model, canvas strap, vintage luminous hands. Two crosshair designs – one is sold out already, the gold plated one is still on sale. In fact we found the crosshair auto with champagne dial online at £224 – below the Rotary RRP. Go figure.

There are some new Ultra Slim quartz models out this year too, although they don’t really ding our bell here at The Northern Watch Co. Give us a vintage Les Originales any day, great watch with an ETA movement in there.

It’s interesting to note that Rotary now claim their watches are water resistant, not waterproof. For clarity, only dive watches are waterproof – everything else will let water sneak in through the winding crown eventually, especially if you swim in the sea every day – salt loves to attack those silicone seals behind the crown and stem. Just saying, you don’t have to sue us..




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