Omega Look Sharp With Their Moody Black Allinghi Speedmaster

Omega make great watches, but let’s be blunt some of the styling is looking slightly dated. The blue Seamasters, the black Moonwatch that looks identical to the original from decades ago – yes, these are design classics. But you have to move on to attract a younger watch enthusiast.

So say hello to the hacked up, skeleton crew, Allinghi Speedmaster. Beautiful movement remix on this one, with cut-out sections so you can see the gears etc from the dial side, not just the caseback. There’s a carbon fibre pattern, familiar to 90s sportbike fans and boaters alike, that’s applied using some deep tech magic. Here’s word from Omega;

Using laser ablation, the mainplate and barrel bridge have been given a honeycomb effect, similar to the interior of the ALINGHI TF35 catamaran hull. Laser ablation also decorates all other bridges with a black carbon pattern, inspired by the material used for the boat’s hull.

The Allinghi pattern on the start/stop pusher is a sharp detail as well – they have thought this one through, it really looks fresh, different – dare we say it, not an old bloke’s Omega.

Black leather strap, red stitching gives it a motorsport look, and matches the flashes of red on the dial too. It all looks the business, except…they made the case from ceramic. Yep, pottery.

Just a personal thing I guess, but I loathe ceramic watches due to their fragility. They aren’t repairable in most cases either, so the case is a write-off if it gets knocked/cracked. No polishing out some scratches five years down the line.


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