New Watches: NOMOS Tetra Fidelio Symphony Edition

Latest blue dial watch from NOMOS Glashutte;

Dyers used to work with plant extracts to create the color blue. After the dye bath the fabrics had to be left in the sun to dry: allowing time for the dyers to relax. Whether or not the term “blue Monday” finds its roots in the textile industry of yesteryear is up for debate.

It is, however, of no interest to this watch, since it loves the office as much as the weekend, and just gets on with doing its job—whatever day it is. Producing and adjusting the indefatigable in-house built movement requires considerably more time than it takes to dye fabrics blue.

This special edition watch from Glashütte features a dial in sumptuous dark blue, with golden numerals, and the hands and case in stainless steel. This elegant tricolor combination pairs perfectly with jewelry: gold and silver work particularly well. As does the name of this watch: “Fidelio.”

The watch features the Alpha in-house movement, which is super slim at just 2.6mm in height. The Tetra Fidelio is just 30mm across in case size, making this a traditional dress watch for those who love a square design.

This new Glashutte model is available now at select retailers for £1660.

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