Timex PAC-MAN is a Kick Up The Eighties

Here’s a confession, the first watch I ever owned was a Timex mechanical. Technically, it was bought for my 10th birthday so I didn’t pay hard cash, but what a feeling it was to wind that tiny 33mm watch up and see the second hand running.

Then came the 80s and I bought a Casio digital watch with one of my big overtime wage packets, yes people got paid in cash every Thursday night back then! Crazy. That Casio probably cost about half a week’s pay, say £25, which was serious money. But digital anything was so cool then, including games like PAC-MAN™

You could visit arcades and even pubs in the 80s across Britain and find a PAC-MAN machine lurking in a corner, hoping to relieve you of any spare 50p coins.

Now Timex has recreated the early 80s vibe, with a PAC-MAN’s 40th anniversary edition model. It features all the functions you’d expect from a T80, like an alarm, stopwatch and date display, but also plays the iconic PAC-MAN melody and has a retro flair to spare.

We would say it is ideal for an 80s themed retro night out, but then, when are we going to be allowed back out and dance like Marty McFly or Kevin Bacon again? Maybe 2021.

Meanwhile, channel the decade of Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant, The Young Ones and Top Gun on your wrist. It retails for $79 in the USA, and £69 in the UK.

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