Kickstarter Watches: Olto 8 Offers The Unique, Every Day

OK, you thought telling the time was basic stuff. But OLTO 8 watches have different ideas and their Infinity model, which starts at about £250, is a Miyota powered automatic that has the numbers stacked in a 120 degree stacked viewing area of the dial.

It’s kinda like half a vintage Austin Mini dashboard from the 60s, but the more you look at it, the more it makes sense.

Hours, minutes and seconds are set on three levels, so you just re-calibrate your brain to figure out the time. There’s a sapphire crystal and a wide range of dial colours, plus steel case, or bronze case options.

Definitely different, and Olto-8 is founded by an ex Corum watches guy, so there’s good reason to think standards of finishing will be high for the price.  More here, including early bird discounts.




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