TAG Heuer Fragment Revives Golden Era of `70s Motorsport

Following on from their 2018 collaboration, TAG Heuer has once again enlisted fragment design and Hiroshi Fujiwara for a new watch. For this collaboration the legendary designer has taken inspiration from motor racing, especially the glory days of the 70s when F1 was arguably at its peak before money, marketing and dull press conferences became the norm.

Limited to just 500 pieces, the watch features a black opaline dial with two embossed subdials, and captures the flavour of the Autavia Heuer watches from 40-ish years ago. The Fragment wording helps this one stand out from the crowd, although some TAG fans may find its plain black dial a bit too spartan?

The original Heuer Autavia Viceroy had white sub-dials, giving it the classic Panda look – we think this one would benefit from those splashes of white. We found this example of the classic Heuer Autavia on Hashtag watches website and we have to say, it looks more punchy, more eye-catching than the modern homage from Fragment. Just saying.

The caseback is another story, with a flaming red coloured sapphire crystal featuring two lightning bolts etched into the glass. Good thing they’re not positioned in alignment or people might think you’re a fan of the Waffen SS.

It’s an in-house 02 Calibre TAG movement, with about 70 hours of power reserve. We have to say that for $6000 RRP buyers could expect a Rally type leather strap included as well as the rather dull steel bracelet. This one is on sale in July.


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