Grand Seiko Offer Two Special Soko Editions for US Market

The Grand Seiko tradition is all about bespoke watchmaking craft and aiming for perfection. You may think that a Grand Seiko is somehow less special than a Swiss watch, which in terms of future auction value might be true, but when it comes to build quality we rate GS as being right up with Rolex frankly.

These two special edition models are`Soko’ themed watches, capturing the Autumn vibe, with understated looks and inspired by bamboo forests in Japan.

The vertical texture of the dials reflects the majestic stalks of the bamboo, says Seiko. Together, the timepieces pay tribute to this moment in nature, when its green hues are dramatically enlivened in the contrasting expression of “light” – silver dial of SBGA427 and “shadow” gray dial of SBGA429. These remarkable timepieces display the deeply satisfying beauty created by the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship.

Inside the watches you’ll find the famous Spring Drive movement. The Spring Drive 9R65 Calibre is designed, adjusted and assembled by hand, by acclaimed craftsmen and women at the Shinshu Watch Studio in Japan. In that respect, we say the GS watch is a bit more special than many Swiss watches which often have a bit more robot assembly than human input.

Spring Drive, recognized as one of the great innovations in modern watchmaking, is a spring-driven movement with a state-of-the-art electro-magnetic regulator that functions without an external power source. Its sole power source is a mainspring, which drives a series of gears as a traditional mechanical watch, and delivers a precision of one second a day, a rate unprecedented for a watch powered by a mainspring.

Case size is 39mm making this a classic dress watch option. There’s a steel bracelet and croc strap included as an alternative fitment. You get 30 jewels in the Spring Drive movement and a 72 hour power reserve, with a retro style power indicator on the dial face. It’s a nice touch, bringing a bit of 1940s/50s styling right up to date.

RRP on both these babies is $5,000.

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