Battle of Britain Duo From Bremont -Exclusive Ltd Edition Watches

As a tribute to the anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Bremont has created a rather special limited run of 80 box sets containing two timepieces in its honour, the Hurricane and Spitfire models.

The limited run of box sets each comprises a pair of watches inspired by the two iconic aircraft that defended the nation, the Spitfire and the Hurricane – with the overlooked Hurricane pilots doing much of the hard work in the summer of 1940 when the Luftwaffe flew over, attempting to dominate Britain’s skies and try to force a truce, or surrender. Some guy called Churchill stepped up, spoke out for freedom and democracy, and inspired the entire country, but we mustn’t mention him anymore apparently.

Included with each box set is an incredible opportunity for the customer to fly in a Spitfire which fought in the crucial air campaign in 1940. Having being at the controls of a Tiger Moth for just a few seconds many years ago, your Northern Watch Co author highly recommends any historic flight experience!

The two watches together cost just under £15,000, which is a hefty amount. What do you get for that cash? The BOB Spitfire model features a modified BE54 Cal movement, 25 jewels, 42 hour reserve, Bremont decorated winding rotor. The 43mm case has a DLC coating, which is diamond-like carbon, so it helps scratch resistance.

The BOB Hurricane has a 21 jewel BE92 Cal movement, 38 hour reserve and a smaller 40mm case diameter. The Hurricane has a more conventional steel case, plus we think the Spitfire looks more dramatic in black – just saying. Both watches feature a metal dial plates and vintage style leather straps.

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