Skagen Fisk is A Good Value Budget Dive Watch

Skagen are one of the leading fashion brands in the UK, famous for their slim watches and clean, uncluttered dials. As you’d imagine the Fisk dive watches, just launched, also have the bare minimum of features with clearly marked dials and simple, rugged cases, featuring a screwdown crown.

For £149 you get 100m metre depth which is OK for swimming and snorkelling, although we wouldn’t recommend serious diving with this watch. The dial has bright lume on the hour markers and the three hands too – always useful at night on dry land of course.

There’s a black/steel model and an all-black model with a Milanese mesh bracelet – both feature a 42mm case. Battery powered of course and luckily the caseback is a screw-on/off type, not the usual tricky Skagen flip-off variety.

Skagen watches are notoriously difficult to open in our experience, so a screwback is a welcome change. Just buy a simple three pin tool on Amazon and a clamp, and you can do your own battery changes.

More here at Skagen online.

2 thoughts on “Skagen Fisk is A Good Value Budget Dive Watch

  1. I have/had a Skagen Fisk, I like modding watches and thought I’d change the excessively large handset. I opened it up. To start with the screw down back was dry and had chewed up the rubber seal, luckily the watch had never got in water. The movement is the cheapest smallest Miyota you get in Casio cheapies. My stomach turned, I felt I had been conned, this watch is all about show. Luckily only paid 50 quid for it, its in the bin. Found out recently this ‘Danish’ company is based in the US using Chinese manufacture. Looks cool, but is rubbish. Clever bit of marketing = Worst thing I’ve ever purchased.

    1. To be fair I’d say Boss, Armani, Pandora and Michael Kors are better when it comes to marketing a brand name, on top of basic China/Miyota watch parts. Skagen trade on that Danish/minimalist european design ethos and I think considering they are priced at about 150 sterling everyone should wait for a Sale before buying one. Notoriously difficult to get the casebacks off for a battery change too. – Ed

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