JLC Master Control Memovox; Collectable Complications

There’s no arguing with the fact that if you buy a Rolex GMT II for £9000-£15,000 you’ll always have an investment asset on your wrist. Or in your safe more likely. But is the same true with a Jaeger Le Coultre Master Memovox? No, definitely not. Fact is most watch collectors – and more importantly watch retailers – don’t think JLC is equal in resale price to a comparable Rolex GMT II.

JLC’s big marketing problem is that their brand doesn’t impress other self-made men, there I said it.

This is kinda strange, since a JLC is a rare watch compared to the Rolex, which is a volume manufacturer turning out over 1 million units a year. Then there’s the in-house movement, which on this new Master Memovox is revealed in its miniature glory via the caseback. Look at that bob weight, it’s pure sculpture. The screws. The beautiful chamfered plates and jewel work. Having looked inside a couple of Rolex watches I have to say it isn’t as impressive in the details.

Tech stuff? You get a 28,800vph running speed, 24 jewels and just 7.4mm in height. This is a modern movement, housed inside a 40mm case. Ideal dress watch dimensions we think.

You can get the new 2020 Memovox Timer model with a blue dial and the timer feature, which is different from the basic set the alarm at 7am funtion on the entry level Master Memovox.

It’s an extra three grand for the timer alarm function, which sounds agreeably soothing as it taps the inside of the case, but you may think is decadent luxury or an essential deal-breaker, depending on whether you rigorously time your bsuiness meetings. JLC have a long history in alarm complication watches, so perhaps that’s a good reason to collect them, plus the Memovox Timer is a limited edition – 250 pieces.

Here’s some advice on setting the little striking alarm from the JLC press kit;

To wear the new Master Control Memovox Timer means not only to master time, but to predict and anticipate it. The timepiece can now be adjusted in two ways: Either by means of its iconic triangle to set the alarm time (useful as an alarm clock, to mark the end of a meeting, a new appointment); or by means of its unique timer, the hand of which ends with a red Jaeger-LeCoultre logo that stands out at first glimpse. A function to measure the time you have left before catching a train, a plane.

The blue Memovox Timer with groovy countdown function costs £13,900, while the non-complicated, more basic set-the-hour alarm Master Memovox retails at £10,300.

More here at JLC.



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