Hublot Big Bang E Black Ceramic – Smart Move, or a Bit Pricey?

Would you pay Swiss luxury wristwatch prices for a smartwatch? Well Hublot think that you will, and they’ve launched their E Black Ceramic smartwatch, which retails for a tasty £4,800. 

It features a 42mm case width, with the case itself made from ceramic. Now we aren’t big fans of watches made from pottery here at The Northern Watch Co magazine because they are easy to break if dropped, and there’s no way it can be repaired. On the upside ceramic is easy to clean and very scratch-resistant, albeit a bit cold on the wrist in winter. There’s some titanium in the case construction as well as ceramic materials too.

The Hublot smartwatch runs on Google OS by the way, so if you have a Google account, Gmail and use Hangouts, Drive for your Docs etc then that is all peachy as heck. If you don’t, then that’s another heap of sync jazz that you’ll have to master.

It has a gyro and accelerometer in there of course, so you will have no trouble tracking fitness activities like cycling or running. It runs Bluetooth, you can take calls and speak into the mike naturally – the battery life is estimated at 24 hours.

Here’s some press kit blurb from Hublot;

Full of sophistication and advanced technology, this piece fits in perfectly with Hublot’s watchmaking tradition. All the codes that have helped build the brand’s reputation thus far can be recognised instantly, by enthusiasts and the public alike. 

A good pedigree always shines through! Its case is cut from materials such as black ceramic or titanium in a “sandwich” construction, an innovative style invented by Hublot in 2005. Extremely complex, it comprises 42 components, 27 of which are for the K Module alone, the “cage” which houses the digital heart of the watch. T

he design of the screws and pushers, the scratchproof sapphire crystal, and its rubber strap – with deployant buckle invented by Hublot in 1980 for the Classic model and the patented One Click system for easy interchangeability –  leave no-one in doubt: element by element, it is clear that this is a true Big Bang!


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