Undone’s Batman Duo Are Fun – Nothing Wrong With That

There are many watch brands based in the Far East, many using Seiko or Miyota quartz movements, acrylic crystals and faux leather straps. But then there are companies like Undone, who are goinga  different path and all power to them we say when they produce something wickedly stylish, like the titanium Batman 80 chronograph.

Launched late last year, the Batman 80 watches are – surprisingly – a dynamic duo of models. There’s the grey dial, blue lume edition and the yellow/black model. Both look great at night, we especially love the way the Bat logo lights up at night on the yellow one. The `Wayne Industries’ branding on the dial of the monochrome grey model is another nice detail.

Inside the 40mm retro style case, which has a touch of the 1970s Valjoux 7733 Swiss models of the era, you find a humble Seiko quartz engine. There’s a see-thru caseback, but really, why bother? It’s a quartz movement right, not a hand-crafted, 25 jewel Swiss masterpiece.

There are never going to be watches that set record-breaking prices at Sotheby’s auction in the year 2060, but they are collectible, cool and just plain fun to wear and enjoy. Like the Hopalong Cassidy watches of the 1950s, or the Dan Dare pocket watches produced by Triumph-Ingersoll in the UK, these comic book hero spin-offs capture the spirit of the times.

In a word, they’re fun watches. You might not wear one to a corporate level job interview, but on a lost weekend? Yeah why not. The best price we found here in the UK was £295 for a grey dial/blue Bat logo model on Amazon by the way.

The tough looking fabric strap suggest that this watch will take years of hard knock life and we hope people wear them, rather than just box them up alongside a stack of other Batman related comics, memorabilia and action figures. They deserve to live an action-packed life!


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