Ahoy There Ohayou! Latest Kickstarter Watch From Sweden

Yes, we are addicted to Kickstarter watch projects and the reason is simple; watch manufacturing has been made into a democracy by the internet. Anyone can order a steel case, send their dial designs to outsourced companies, strap specs too and bingo – you’re making watches. Well, someone else with a factory is, but you get the idea, you’ve created a brand. All you need are backers.

So for £110 what do you get with the Ohayou, (Japanese for good morning apparantly) a Swedish start-up project that its founder says is a `watch for the aesthetic beach bum?’

Sapphire crystal, 39mm steel case, Miyota quartz movement and a silicone strap. Plus the Ohayou mindset is that we consumers need to payback some good karma to the oceans, so 10% of profits go to Ocean Clean-Up; a charity ship which is picking up those plastic items bobbing in the sea. Good news.

The lug width is 20mm , so if you want to buy a leather strap online just for a change then you have about 2 million options on Amazon, ebay and other websites.

Are we wild about the Ducker name on the dial? Hmm, maybe not, but at least it sticks in the memory and we get the water connection. You can buy into the Ohayou dream by funding it here.

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