Nite Watches – Top Picks From The Sale Selection

We love Nite watches approach to military/tool watch design. Make it glow baby! Famous for their super-bright Tritium lume, Nite watches also have a great ethos on build quality overall, with a diver in the range, plus the Icon, Hawk and MX10 – which is available from £220 on the Nite website.

Swiss Ronda quartz movements inside, two year guarantee. Prices include UK delivery as well.

Not the lockdown is easing, it will probably see a bit of an uptick in terms of online delivery times, so you won’t have to wait too long. The Nite Sale models are discounted, and sold on a `when they’re gone, they’re gone,’ basis. Worth a look.

Hawk model

The green dial Hawk has a huge 51mm case size if you want a chunky watch, with the tritium lume giving excellent night time vision, plus a polycarbonate case for durability. It’s very much a tool watch, not something that’s designed to live inside a box, wrapped in a soft cloth bag. Nite claim a ten year battery life too. The Hawk Sale models start at £240.

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