LIV The Dream – a Valjoux 7750 Movt Chrono for Under a Grand

The Valjoux 7750 is the VW 2.0 GTi of the watch world, an engine that combines proven reliability with gutsy performance and a wide range of specialists and suppliers who can service your pride and joy. What’s not to like?

Well, you could pay over £3000 for a Valjoux 7750 powered watch right now, if you choose a premier Swiss brand. Sure, that Swiss beauty may have beatuful detailing, luxury packaging, and a strap that’s been hand-crafted by artisan Elves from Unicorn hide. But ultimately, it has the trusty 7750 engine inside the case.

So why not check out LIV watches in the USA? They have their stunning looking GX-AC Swiss Panda dial chronograph on their site today for £812, which is entry level Longines, Rado or Oris money. I’m talking mechanical watches too, not chronographs.

The LIV Swiss Panda has a 316L stainless steel case, 42 hour reserve, choice of straps and a sapphire crystal. There’s a mineral glass exhibition caseback as well, so you can see that Swiss engineering in action.

The LIV Cobalt offers a very striking blue dial variant, still 7750 powered, if you wnat something that looks more sporty, more outdoors adventure. This is a 46mm width case too, so ideal for those who want a chunky sized watch.

The final Valjoux 7750 model is the Rose Gold edition, which shares the same case size, pushers, sapphire crystal etc. Costs slightly more by the way. There are still a few examples of the P51 Mustang themed limited edition model still on the LIV website too, which may also tick your boxes if you want to add a 7750 to your collection.

Apart from a slightly unusual lug width at 23mm, which limits your choices when it comes to replacement straps and bracelets, the LIV chronographs offer an interesting remix of the Valjoux spirit.

More info at the LIV site here.

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