Baltic Watches Offer French Flair, Auto Movements, Plus a Retro Edge

Today we take a look at Baltic Watches, a new company based in France, who are creating some handsome looking models.

If you want a retro style chronograph, automatic movement, with an almost Railway clock cream dial simplicity, then the Bicompax 001 makes a tempting proposition. At 649 euros (£566 approx) it isn’t too pricey, although it does have the Seagull ST19 movement inside the case, which might not suit you if you feel less disposed to buy Chinese products after Corona.

In terms of quality, the Seagull is pretty much a modern version of the Venus 175 from decades ago, so in that regard you’re getting genuine Swiss engineering principles. Modern manufacturing means that the Seagull will probably be more relaible as a timekeeper than its 1940s predecessor, but it’s worth noting that a genuine Swiss Venus movement watch is always going to fetch more money at an auction.

OK, it lacks the collector factor, but what a great job Baltic have done is creating this 40s style chrono model. It has a 38mm case, so it should sit nicely on the wrist and we love those old fashioned flat-topped pushers, which really capture the vintage feel perfectly.

The Bicompax is also available with a deep, indigo blue dial variant too, choice of straps.


This one ticks all the right boxes too. The 39mm stainless steel case houses a Miyota auto movement, with a sapphire crystal in place to add a quality touch. The B logo on the winding crown is another nice detail, as is the quick release pin bar inside the grains-of-rice steel bracelet. That should make it a cinch to swap over to a rubber strap when you’re on holiday and going in the water.

That’s what we love about Baltic – they’ve thought the whole watchmaking process through and even if they’re importing movements, they are assembling the watches at their factory in France, whereas some other start-up companies are really styling studios who commission runs of wristwatches at an outsourced partner factory. Vive le difference we say.

HMS 001

This is a true minimalist watch. No frills, choice of blue, cream, black or slate grey dials, with matching bezel inlay colour too. Again, you get a Miyota automatic movement inside the case, which is 39mm wide. There’s an acrylic crystal on the HMS model, and we reckon it makes an interesting alternative to a Seiko Presage dress watch, or perhaps an entry level Tissot, which is about the same money at 399 euros, or £348.

Check out more Baltic watches here. 






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